DP Alt & PD Optical Fiber USB CableAUC-xxxM

  • Compatible with USB 3.2 Gen2 (USB 3.1)standard
  • Maximum data transfer rate 10Gbps
  • Support DP Alt Mode (Ver.1.4)
  • Supports up to 4K60Hz (16.2Gbps transmission)
  • Support USB Power Delivery Max 60W (20V/3A)
  • Compatibility with USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 standards
  • Transmission up to 10m
  • Excellent electromagnetic compatibility

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AUC is an active USB-C cable with Power Delivery support that can transmit USB 3.2 Gen2 (10Gbps) high-speed data signals and DisplayPort (Alt Mode) 4K video signals through glass optical fiber cables. By adopting a high-performance multi-mode VCSEL laser and low-data loss OM3 standard optical fiber, it can transmit data and video transmission up to 10 meters.

It is compatible with the USB 3.2 Gen2 (USB 3.1) standard, allowing for USB data transfer up to 10Gbps. It also includes a built-in IC for compatibility with legacy devices using USB 2.0 and 1.1 standards. This makes it usable for connecting any USB device from the latest PCs to existing webcams and printers.

Additionally, it supports DisplayPort signal transmission over two lanes through DP Alt Mode (DisplayPort Alternate Mode over USB-C), allowing for stable transmission of signals up to 4K60Hz (16.2Gbps).

Moreover, it supports USB Power Delivery, allowing for power supply up to 60W (20V/3A) to the latest PCs such as MacBook and Chromebook.


Compatible with USB 3.2 Gen2 (USB 3.1)standard

AUC is compatible with the USB 3.2 Gen2 (USB 3.1) standard and allows for USB data transfer speeds up to 10Gbps.

Compatible with USB 3.2 Gen2 (USB 3.1)standard

Support DP Alt Mode (Ver.1.4)

AUC supports the DP Alt Mode (DisplayPort Alternate Mode over USB-C) function, which is widely used with USB-C connectors. It uses the USB-C wire to transmit DisplayPort signals (video and audio). The DisplayPort signal is transmitted with 2 lanes, and it can stably transmit signals up to 4K60Hz (16.2Gbps).

Support DP Alt Mode (Ver.1.4)
※ Please Note :
Not all USB Type-C devices support DP Alt Mode. Please check the user manual of your device or contact the manufacturer for details. Also, the connector of this product has [Source][Display]. If you use it with DP Alt Mode, it will not work properly if you connect it in the wrong direction.

Support USB Power Delivery Max 60W (20V/3A)

With USB Power Delivery support, it's possible to supply power to the latest PCs such as MacBook and Chromebook with a maximum high current of 60W (20V/3A).

Support USB Power Delivery Max 60W (20V/3A)

Compatibility with USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 standards

The device is equipped with a compatibility driver IC for USB 2.0 and 1.1 standards, ensuring compatibility with legacy devices. It can be used to connect to any USB device, from webcams , printers, to the latest PCs.

Transmission up to 10m

AUC adopts a hybrid structure of optical fiber and copper wire. Optical fiber communication is used for high-speed data transfer of USB 3.2 standard and 4K video transmission by DP Alt Mode, while copper wire connection is allocated for legacy data transfer of USB 2.0/1.1 standard and power delivery function of USB Power Delivery. With this hybrid design, AUC realizes the various functions of USB-C, and achieve long-distance communication up to 10m.

During USB data communication
During USB data communication
In DP Alt Mode(Ver.1.4)
In DP Alt Mode

Excellent electromagnetic compatibility

The connector part, which is made of metal casing, has excellent electromagnetic compatibility, making it less susceptible to external noise interference and minimizing noise generation from the main unit. In addition, the copper and fiber wires inside the cable are covered with braided copper wire shields, improving the cable's noise resistance. Therefore, it is also ideal for environments that require low noise, such as medical equipment.

Excellent electromagnetic compatibility

Support Standard

USB3.2 Gen2 (10Gbps)

USB3.2 Gen1 (5Gbps)

USB2.0 (480Mbps)/1.1 (12Mbps)

USB Power Delivery (PD)


DP Alternate Mode


Model No. AUC-xxxM (xxx is the cable length)
Cabe Length(m) 7 / 10
Connector Host Type C (Male)
Device Type C (Male)
Connector Max Dim 15mm
Cable Type Active:GOF 4 / Copper Wire 8
USB Spec USB 3.2 Gen2 (USB 3.1) / USB 3.2 Gen1(USB 3.0) / USB 2.0 / USB 1.1
Data Max Speed 10Gbps
Alternate Mode DisplayPort Alternate Mode
DP Max Speed DP 2 lane (Ver.1.4) 16.2Gbps
USB Power Delivery Max 60W (20V/3A)
External Power Not Required
Max Power Consumption 1.1W
Cable Color Black
Cable Shield PVC
Cable Diameter 6.5mm±0.2mm
Bending Radius 65mm
Cable Crush Resistance Long Term:200N (20.4kgf) / Instant:600N (61.2kgf)
Cable Tensile Strength Long Term:150N (15.3kgf) / Instant:300N (30.6kgf)
Cable Direction DP Alt Mode has cable direction
Operating Temperature / Storage Temperature 0℃~50℃ / -20℃~70℃
Operating Humidity / Storage Humidity 5~90%(no condensation)
Accessory N/A
Warranty 12 months (Only the internal IC chip in the connector part)
Certificate FCC / CE / RoHS