48Gbps Ultra High Speed HDMI 2.1 Optical Fiber CableAHU-xxxM

  • Ultra High Speed HDMI® cable ATC certified
  • 8K60Hz/4K120Hz (48Gbps) transmission
  • Available lengths: 7.5/ 10/ 15/ 20 meters
  • Lightweight and soft cable wire (allowable bending radius 45mm)
  • Noise free (excellent electromagnetic compatibility)

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The AHU is a series of certified Ultra High Speed HDMI AOC Cable, transmitting 48Gbps video signal for support of all the latest HDMI 2.1 specifications including 8K@60Hz/ 4K@120Hz. The series come with the cable length of 7.5, 10, 15 and 20 meters.

The AHU is suitable for home theater, game event, video production studio, medical sites, etc. where the application requires a long distance 8K video transmission.


Ultra High Speed HDMI® cable certification

Ultra High Speed HDMI® cable certification

The QR code label assigned with an unique authorized certificate number.

Lightweight and soft cable (minimum allowable bending radius 45mm)

The AHU cable utilizes a light and soft cable wire (only 310g with 10 meters), which make it easy to carry, resulting a stress less to the HDMI conectors of connecting devices during the installation.

Noise free (excellent electromagnetic compatibility)

The AHU connectors utilize a zinc alloy shell which ensures a robust strength and excellent EMC compatibility.

Noise free (excellent electromagnetic compatibility)

Zinc Alloy shell ensures excellent electromagnetic compatibility


Model No. AHU-xxxM (xxx indicate the length)
Length 7.5 / 10 / 15 / 20
Connector Source HDMI A Type
Sink HDMI A Type
Connector Dimension 45mm x 20 mm x 9mm (W x H x D)
Cable Type Active (4 GOF,7 Copper)
Max Transmission Speed 48Gbps
HDCP Passthrough (2.3)
Dynamic HDR YES
External Power NO
Max Power Consumption 0.25W
Color Cable :Black / Conector:Gold
Cable Shielded
Cable Diameter 4.5mm ±0.2 mm
Bending Radius Min 45mm
Cable Tensile 230N (23kgf)
Cable Direction YES
Max Resolution 8K60Hz / 4K 120Hz
Operation/Storage Temp. 0℃~50℃ / -40℃~70℃
Opearting & StorageHumidity 10~80%
Warranty 1 year (only for the chip inside the connector)
Certificate FCC / CE / RoHS / ATC (HDMI 2.1)