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Simple Full HD Digital Signage Player 「AS1080」

  • ■ Energy Saving Model
  • ■ Full HD Video Playback
  • ■ USB Auto Copy Function
  • ■ Optional Play Button Box Available
  • ■ Audio Out with S/PDIF or Ear Phone Jack
  • ■ Rugged Metal-cased with VESA 75/100 Mounting Ear

Model No : AS1080

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■ Introduction

The ADTECHNO AS1080 is an ARM based high-performance, low-cost stand-alone digital signage player that has the capability to seamlessly auto loop video contents in Full HD 1080p60, and allows reading of video files directly from SD Cards or USB devices. The AS1080 features USB Auto Copy Function that detects inserted USB flash drive, auto-copying and deleting video files from USB flash drive to SD Card for easy playback contents update. S/PDIF and stereo audio line outputs are also equipped to connect external speakers, providing to captivate and engage your audience. An optional play button box is available to provide interactive playback control.

■ Features

Energy Saving Model

AS1080, equipped with an ARM processer, is extremely energy-saving with power consumption of less than 6W. The AS1080 can greatly reduce the operation costs through lowered, eco-friendly "green" power consumption for a long term operation.

Full HD Video Playback

The ARM processor is equipped with a hardware decoder that enables the AS1080 to play up to Full HD 1080p60 video flawlessly for superior video playback performance.

USB Auto Copy Function

USB Auto Copy Function helps users to easily change video contents by simply plugging a USB flash drive into the AS1080. The AS1080 automatically detects the contents in the USB flash drive, and replaces all contents on the SD Card with those in the USB flash drive.

Optional Play Button Box Available

Add on interactive controls by connecting an optional play button box, BX08R, equipped with 8 play button connectors. The BX08R has dual RS-232C connectors with a DIP switch for daisy chaining of up to 3 times, providing up to 24 play buttons to control video playback contents.

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Audio Out with S/PDIF or Ear Phone Jack

AS1080 provides S/PDIF optical output for carrying two channels of uncompressed lossless PCM audio. An Ear Phone Jack is also available for simple external speaker connections.

Rugged Metal-cased with VESA 75/100 Mounting Ear

AS1080 is engineered within a rugged industrial metal-cased enclosure for corrosion resistance. VESA 75/100 mounting ear is also included for secure bracket fixing.


Model No. AS1080
Media Drive SD(HC) Card x 1, USB2.0 x 4

MPEG-4, H.264, VC-1, JPG

Video Out
HDMI x 1
Audio Out HDMI x 1, S/PDIF x 1, 3.5mm stereo phone jack x 1
Serial Interface RS-232 (3 pin)
Display Resolution

1080P 60Hz, 1080P 50Hz, 720P 60Hz, 720P 50Hz

Operating Temperature 0°C - 40°C
Operating Humidity 10 %~85 %
Power 12V/1.5A

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