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4K HDMI Splitter 1x8 HMS-0108

  • ■ 4K@60 4:2:2 (36bit) / 4K@60 4:4:4 (24bit) compatible
  • ■ HDCP 2.2 / 1.4 compliant
  • ■ HDR(High Dynamic Range) support
  • ■ x.v.Color (xvYCC) & Deep Color compatible
  • ■ Auto EDID & EDID emulation
  • ■ Screw-lock DC connector
  • ■ (Option) EIA standard 19 inch 1U rack mount kit

  • Model No : HUS-0108

RoHS fc ce

■ Introduction

At only 18mm, the HUS-0108 is an ultra slim, HDCP 2.2 / 1.4 compliant 1x8 HDMI splitter. It is capable of delivering up to 8 video output simultaneously at Ultra HD 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) with a frame rate of 60 fps.

HUS-0108 supports various types of 4K formats including 4K/60p/4:2:2/36bit, 4K/60p/4:4:4/24bit, 4K/24p(30p)/4:4:4/36bit and other resolutions.
HUS-0108 is also capable of delivering premium Ultra HD content with HDR (High Dynamic Range), supporting both xvYCC (x.v.Color) and Deep Color, and also supports up to 7.1ch surround sound.

Along with Auto EDID analysis mode, the HUS-0108 is also equipped with EDID emulation, selectable from 12 preset EDID configurations. EDID mode can be configured via a 15-position dial switch. Acquiring EDID from selected HDMI ports (ports 1 or 2) can also be selected, providing a versatile range of settings and preventing display losses due to cable disconnection or power loss.

The HUS-0108 also features a screw-lock DC connector, preventing accidental disconnections especially from heavy sound vibrations.

For EIA standard 19 inch rack installation, the HUS-0108 has a 1U height rack mount kit [HUS-0108R] available as an option accessory. The rack mount includes screw holes for secure fixation of HDMI cables.

With backwards compatibility and 4K 60Hz capability, the HUS-0108 is future-proof and extremely versatile, fit for all applications especially in education or publicity applications.

■ Features

4K@60 4:2:2 (36bit) / 4K@60 4:4:4 (24bit)

Delivers 4K Ultra HD videos (3840x2160) at up to 60 frames per second from a wide range of 4K formats such as 4K/60p/4:2:2/36bit, 4K/60p/4:4:4/24bit, 4K/24p(30p)/4:4:4/36bit.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Supports HDR 4K videos to display finer details with a higher contrast ratio.

Auto EDID & EDID emulation

EDID mode can be manually configured from 12 different preset EDID configurations, auto-acquire mode, or to acquire EDID from specified port 1 or 2, via a dial switch with 15 selections, preventing display problems resulting from cable disconnections, EDID reading error, or power loss.

Screw-lock type DC connector

Screw-lock type DC connector plug provides a tight, secure connection preventing power loss resulting from accidental disconnections.

EIA standard 19 inch rack mount available (option accessory)

Optional EIA standard 19 inch rack compatible 1U rack mount available. The rack mount comes with M3 screw holes for secure fixation of HDMI cables.

Connection Diagram

HDCP 2.2 / 1.4

Supports premium 4K video contents requiring HDCP 2.2.
Also backward compatible with HDCP 1.4 protected media contents.

Two-level cascade connection

Cascade connection is supported up to 2 levels with a maximum limit of 64 sink devices. HUS-0108 can be utilized with great effect during exhibitions, events or superstores.

■ Specification

Model No. HUS-0108
HDCP 2.2, 1.4 compliant
Video format compatibility 480i/480p/720p/1080i/1080p60/1080p60 3D(*1)/
4K UHD@30(*1) /4K UHD@60(*1) / 4K DCI@60 (*1)
4K UHD@60 and 4K DCI@60 at Y.Pb.Pr 4:4:4 24bit
Y.Pb.Pr 4:2:2 36bit color depth
4K UHD@60 and 4K DCI@60 HDR at Y.Pb.Pr 4:2:0 30bit color depth
VESA (PC) resolution
compatibility (*2)
SVGA (800*600),XGA (1024*768), WXGA(1280*768,1280*800)
FWXGA(1360*768,1366*768), SXGA(1280*1024)
Full HD(1920*1080),WUXGA(1920*1200)
Max bandwidth
Max transfer rate
Max connections
(HDMI sink devices)
12 preset configurations, or acquire from either
HDMI output 1 or 2 or automatic EDID analysis
Input ports
HDMI x 1
Output ports
HDMI x 8
HDMI connector type
Type A
(※Excluding protrusions)
244 (W) x 96.5 (D) x 18.5 (H) mm
Approximately 580g
Power supply
DC 5V 4A
Power consumption
Max 13W
Operating/Storage temperature
0℃~ 40℃/-20℃~ 60℃
Operating humidity
20% ~ 90%(No condensation)
Package contents
HUS-0108, AC adapter, mounting bracket x2, Screw x4、manual

*1 PC output source not compatible.

*2 compatibility with all PCs not guaranteed.

※HDMI, HDMI logo, or High-Definition Multimedia Interface, are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC.

※x.v.Color is a trademark or registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

※Compatibility with ALL devices not guaranteed.

※ARC,CEC not supported.

※Due to product improvements, specifications are subject to change without notice.