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mabco HDMI Extender 「HD-06HE」

  • ■ Ultra slim, aluminium design
  • ■ 4K UHD@60, 3D, Full HD compatible
  • ■ HDCP compliant
  • ■ Transmit video, audio, control signals and also bi-directional power with PoC(Power over Cable) compatibility
  • ■ Transmit uncompressed HDMI signals via twisted pair Cat5e/6 LAN cable
  • ■ Display rich and vibrant videos with Deep Color(48bit) compatibility
  • ■ Aluminium housing: lightweight & better thermal dissipation
  • ■ Screw-lock DC connector

Model No : HD-06TX [ transmitter ]
Model No : HD-06RX [ receiver ]

■ Home theatre, conference room or lecture hall
■ Storefront displays
■ Security camera data transmission.
■ Hospital display systems
■ Digital Signage

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■ Introduction

The HD-06TX/RX is a HDBaseT™ HDMI extender transmitter/receiver pair with an ultra slim, aluminium design. The transmitter [HD-06TX] and receiver [HD-06-RX] connection requires only a single CAT 5e or CAT 6 LAN cable and is capable of extending uncompressed video signals up to a maximum of 60m (1080p60/48bit) or 30m (4KUHD@60). With a maximum bandwidth of 10Gbps, the HD-06TX/RX also supports 3D, HDCP (2.2 / 1.4), CEC and up to 7.1ch surround sound, transmitting the data with negligible quality loss and without lag. Additionally, bi-directional RS-232C serial control signals are also supported.

The HD-06TX/RX also boasts PoC capability: Only 1 of the 2 units (TX or RX) is required to be connected to an AC adapter to power both units. The extender set features an ultra slim design with a thickness of 15mm and aluminium housing for a lighter and cooler build (better thermal dissipation).

Besides power, HDMI and control signals, IR signals can also be extended bi-directionally, increasing the range of remote controls. Supported IR signal bandwidth range is 20kHz ~ 60kHz, compatible with a large variety of IR signals.

The RS-232C interface uses a Captive Screw connector, allowing cable interchangeability and compatibility with other cables in addition to the original RS-232C cable. The AC adapter also features a screw-lock type DC jack to prevent accidental disconnections. In applications requiring long distance connections such as home theatres, digital signage, security camera data transmission, hospital, conference room, lecture halls, etc., utilizing HDBaseT™  HDMI extenders is a more economical compared to using HDMI booster units or even long range fiber optic HDMI cables.

■ Features

Transmit 4K UHD@60, 3D, Full HD videos up to a range of 60m with no lag or noticeable quality degradation.

3D and/or up to 4KUHD@60 uncompressed video signals are extended, with negligible loss in quality and with no lag, up to a maximum of 60m (30m for 4K UHD@60).

Transmit uncompressed HDMI signals with the more economical twisted pair Cat5e/6 LAN cable

The HD06-TX/RX is capable of transmitting uncompressed HDMI signals (video and audio), without lag or noticeable degradation, up to a distance of 60m with just a twisted pair Cat5e/6 LAN cable (RJ45 connector). Cabling of LAN cables over significant distances is much easier, more convenient and more economical as compared to HDMI cables.

Display rich and vibrant videos with Deep Color(48bit) compatibility

Supports up to 48-bit for three RGB colors, with the capability of displaying precise and vibrant colors.

Screw-lock DC connector, Captive Screw RS-232C connector

The HD06-TX/RX utilizes a screw-lock type DC jack to prevent accidental disconnections.The RS-232C connector also uses a 3-pin Captive Screw Connector, allowing other RS-232C cables to be used.

Bi-directional PoC (※1)

Bi-directional PoC (Power over Cable) supported over LAN cable, requiring only 1 unit (TX or RX) to be connected to an AC adapter to supply power via PoC to the other unit, providing versatility to the installation requirements/environment.

Connection Diagram

Input display can be flipped horizontally and/or vertically to adapt to the setup environment.


Model No. HD-06TX HD-06RX
Unit Type TX (Transmitter) RX (Receiver)
HDMI Standard

HDMI Deep Color, Full 3D, 4KUHD@60 (Y,Pb,Pr 4:2:0) and
CEC compatible (*2) ARC, CRC Not compatible

HDCP 2.2 / 1.4
EDID Bypass
PoC Bi-directional
Video signals 480i / 480p / 720p / 1080i / 1080p60 / 4KUHD@30 / 4KUHD@60

1080p60 48bit Color or Full HD: 60m (*2)
4K UHD@60: 30m

Bandwidth 10.2Gbps
Equalizer function Auto
IR pass-thru Bi-directional (20kHz ~ 60kHz)
RS-232C Full Duplex / Max 115,200bps
Input Ports

3.5mm jack (IR) ╳1
Exclusive RS-232C Port ╳1

RJ-45 (HDBaseT) ╳1
3.5mm jack (IR) ╳1

Output Ports

RJ-45 (HDBaseT) ╳1
3.5mm jack (IR) ╳1

3.5mm jack (IR) ╳1
Exclusive RS-232C Port ╳1

HDMI Connector Type A
RJ-45 Connector EIA/TIA-568B straight-through WE/SS 8P8C
3.5mm Connector IR Receiver ×1 / IR Transmitter ×1
Dimension 99(W) × 74(D) × 18(H) mm ※Not inclusive of protrusions
Weight Approx. 110g Approx. 130g
Power Supply DC12V 1.5A
Power Consumption Max 8W (Total of TX + RX)
Operating/Storage Temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃ / -20℃ ~ 60℃
Relative Humidity 20% ~ 90% (No Condensation)
Package Contents HD-06TX
AC Adapter, Mounting bracket,
AC Adapter, Mounting bracket,

(*1) Maximum range may fluctuate due operating environment.

(*2) Compatibility with all devices not guaranteed.

※HDMI, HDMI logo, or High-Definition Multimedia Interface, are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC.

※Due to product improvements, specifications are subject to change without notice.
IR cables(transmitter and receiver set), RS-232C cables sold separately.